Be part of the first DTPR cohort

DTPR is an open-source "system-to-people" communication standard for transparency and accountability around digital technology in places.

Since DTPR became an independent initiative, we've piloted in Boston and spoken to many cities and organizations around the world interested in exploring new approaches to help people understand and engage with the digital technology in our communities and shared spaces.

What they have in common is that they are looking for a way to get started and learn from others embarking on similar efforts.

Therefore, we're launching a call for applications from municipalities, community-based organizations, academic institutions and private sector companies to be part of a cohort of DTPR implementation pilots.

The DTPR standard set of icons and digital channel

“We stand at a critical point in the development of our cities where technology is increasing all around us — yet most of us are oblivious to how this technology is being used and to what ends. This is a global challenge and we need global solutions."

Jeff Merritt

Head of IoT and Urban Transformation

World Economic Forum

DTPR is a featured initiative of the Future of the Connected World Global Action Plan

Program Details

Pilot locations will focus on the implementation of the DTPR standard for a single technology or use case. This includes:

  • Introductory "DTPR 101" workshop training and personalized guidance in the use of DTPR

  • Use of the DTPR Guide prototype - a digital platform designed to make it easy to try, and scale, DTPR implementations for IoT systems to improve transparency and foster feedback

  • Development and production of associated signage for the pilot

  • In-situ user research toolkit for cohort members to gather on-site feedback on the use case and support research that furthers development of the DTPR standard

Members of the cohort have the opportunity to

  • Learn directly from the creators of the DTPR communication standard

  • Engage with and learn from peer organizations implementing DTPR simultaneously

  • Lead in helping advance the DTPR communication standard

A critical path to building trust in "smart cities" is demonstrating and communicating the benefits of the technology in a tangible way

Achieving place-based trust at scale requires advancing interoperable, legible “system-to-people” communication standards

Our goals are to support the implementation of DTPR in more locations around the world, facilitate learning and the adoption of best practices across a cohort of implementers and to improve the DTPR standard.

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